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Learn from three masters of business AND cleaning how to connect and streamline the various parts of your business to create a smoother operation, happier staff, and a growing client base - all toward greater profits to use in achieving your business dream.

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The Chemical Free Cleaning Technician Training course is a self-paced knowledge and skill program designed to prepare cleaning technicians to apply physics-based cleaning techniques in the field. The course begins with the Science of Cleaning, specifically as it demonstrates the negative effects of synthetic and "natural" chemical use on the health of humans, pets, and our natural environment; further scientific studies of the benefits of reducing or eliminating commercial and homemade chemicals from the cleaning process are shared.

Technicians learn

  • the development of the cleaning industry through commercially produced cleaning chemicals and equipment
  • the criteria used to select high quality tools and equipment
  • the proper application of the main cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting tools in common settings

Quizzes are used throughout the program to ensure knowledge/skill learning. The program concludes with a 100-question objective examination. Successful candidates will receive their Certificate of Completion.

Duration: Course can be completed within 20 hours. Course expires 90 days after enrollment.

Price: $125.00

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Designed to test the new knowledge of the CFC Technician Candidate, the Chemical Free Cleaning Technician Examination is available to candidates who have been trained in their home company with the Modern Cleaning CFC Technician Training Program. CFC Technician Candidates who complete this examination successfully will receive the Modern Cleaning Certificate of Completion.